About Us

Phuong Ertley 

I'm a psychotherapist, and photography is my passion. I believe in taking the time to get to know people and being quiet, especially when I travel.  It's a privilege to experience other ways of eating, working, and praying.  I take pictures as an offering, a way of reflecting the beauty I am fortunate to witness in the world.  

When not creating images, you can find me knitting, dancing, or scouring the forest floor for edible mushrooms. 

Brian Ertley

I work in financial services. My expertise is using data to tell stories and to drive decision-making.   As a photographer, I’m drawn to landscapes, environmental portraits and cultural ceremonies around the globe.  

I’m a member of two mycological societies as well as an avid hiker and mushroom forager.  I have been taking photographs for 16 years.